VCON: Vancouver BC's premiere science fiction, fantasy
and games convention, since 1971.

VCON 39 will be held October 3-5, 2014
at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford hotel


VCON 39 Theme:

Military Might

From Swords & Sorcery to Phasers & Grasers


VCON 39 is also CANVENTION 34!


Come join us for three days of fannish fun and multi-track programming including:

Art Show & Auction • Vendors Hall • Author Readings • 24-Hour Games Rooms
Multi-Author Book Launch • Writers Workshops • Demos • Academie Duello
Artists Alley • Frankenstuffies • Fan Groups • Costume Contest • Panels
Hospitality Suite • Dance • Elrons • Turkey Readings • Workshops


VCON 39 Guests of Honour:

Author GoH: David Weber
(Honor Harrington Series; Safehold Series, Dahak Series)

Artist GoH: David Mattingly
(Cover Illustrator for David Weber's Honor Harrington Books)

Game Design GoH: Bruce Heard
(Early TSR employee, BECMI version of D&D - Mystara, World of Calidar)

Canvention 34 Guests of Honour:

Canvention Guest Author: Tarol Hunt

Canvention Guest Artist: Melissa Mary Duncan


Membership Rate Increases Aug 1!

Have YOU purchased your VCON 39 membership yet?

If not, you might want to do so sometime today because rates go up tomorrow, on August 1st!


After that, please consider Booking a Room at our Venue.
Doing so helps the convention immensely as the greater the number of rooms booked
the lower the final cost the venue requires for use of their function space.

VCON Poster Contest Deadline Extended

Have you or someone you know been working on something to submit to the VCON Wants YOU! – Poster Design Contest only to suddenly realize there are only two days left, it's not quite done, and where did all the time go!?

Not to worry! We've decided to extend the deadline out to Sunday Aug 10 at 8am Pacific!

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got another 10 days! Time to get your creative juices flowing, put pen to paper or cursor to computer screen and show us what you’ve got. Full contest details are available on the VCON blog.

VCONversation #17 - June 2014

Check out the June 2014 VCONversation newsletter.

Topics in this issue:

  • GoH Interview: Bruce Heard
  • Top Secret Contest Plans - Leaked!
  • Registration is open!
  • Book your room!
  • From the Blog: Ignite Your Imagination, Part II: Inspiration for Female Military Might Character Costumes
  • In the News: 2014 Aurora award Voter's Package is now Online

VCON at the 2014 Steveston Salmon Festival Canada Day Parade

Steveston Community Society, Richmond British Columbia


VCON brings Military Might to Steveston! We will be participating in the 2014 Salmon Festival parade on Tuesday July 1, and invite you to come out and see the parade or, even better, join us walking the route! 

All ages are welcome to participate! We are particularly interested in cosplayers/costumers who are willing to dress up and help make our entry more interesting but we still welcome your participation even if don't have a costume - just wear a VCON t-shirt (if you have one) or other geek wear (if you don't) and help hand out flyers. If you do want to dress up, we encourage outfits that fit our theme this year - "Military Might: From Swords & Sorcery to Phasers and Grasers", but will be just happy to have any kinds of costumed persons in attendance!

VCON has walked this parade for the past several years. It's a lot of fun to take part as well as a great opportunity to show off your pride in our geek community, whether walking the route dressed to the nines in your favourite fantastic ensemble or wearing jeans and a geeky t-shirt.