Guest of Honour

Bruce Heard - The Game DesignerOur next Guest of Honour for VCON39 is the author and game designer Bruce Heard. Having published a number of pieces for Dungeons and Dragons (he was the lead creative and project manager for the BECMI version of D&D and the Mystara campaign setting) and Dragon Magazine and having worked translating his and similar works into French, Bruce is very familiar with fantasy worlds and tabletop gaming.

Melissa Mary Duncan - The ArtistOur first featured Guest of Honour for VCON 39 is Canadian-born fantasy artist Melissa Mary Duncan. Her interest in knights, maidens, and fairies led her to be a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism by the time she was in her teens. Her own studies of Medieval and Renaissance art practices and knowledge of period wardrobe and design allow her to add authenticity and realism to her work.